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During this difficult time you would expect to receive a bit of support from government officials and lawmakers, right? Recently Louis DeJoy, a longtime Trump supporter and fundraiser, is now tasked with heading an agency from which the President himself has threatened to withhold funding.
"I look forward to working with supporters of the Postal Service in Congress and the Administration to ensure the Postal Service remains an integral part of the United States government," DeJoy said in a release announcing his new appointment. "It will be an incredible honor to serve as Postmaster General, and I commit myself to upholding the Postal Service's cherished role in our nation," he added
Despite the odds DeJoy joins the Postal Service amid a crisis. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the severity of already problematic finances at the USPS as mail volume has plunged. In April, the USPS told Congress it would be out of money by September and requested $75 billion in emergency funding.
Due to this request Lawmakers allocated $25 billion for the USPS in its coronavirus package, the CARES Act, in March, but the Trump administration blocked the funding, instead offering $10 billion in the form of loans and demanding "reforms" must be included as a condition of the loans. This is a huge difference from when they were offered “support” in the early stages of COVID-19.  This Lack of funding has affected every aspect of USPS. From Mail Handlers not working due to pay cuts and decreased hours to Small business complaints for misinformation given by the USPS regarding tracking, shipping rates, shipping timing. 
Amid this Lawmakers and Government Officials have not declared funding for the USPS and we can only expect matters to worsen  after lawmakers have decided to cut Unemployment Payments, Stimulus Package Check, and Law Enforcement.  These decisions will and should push People of Color to create our own networks and businesses to ensure we make it through this COVID-19 nightmare.
The President's attacks on the Postal Service come as the organization is managing its response to the coronavirus pandemic, and as it prepares to deal with a potential increase in mail-in voting ballots this November for the general. Mark Dimondstein, president of the American Postal Workers Union, said that receiving the emergency funding the USPS has requested is crucial for postal workers to continue doing their job, including ensuring vote by mail ballots are handled properly.
"If the funding doesn't come through, everything we do, including vote by mail will be much harder," Dimondstein told CNN.
"If they don't raise the price, I'm not signing anything," Trump said on April 24. Meaning the USPS will not be receiving additional funding from the government any time soon due to the second Stimulus Package being compromised and already being in a stand still until Congress returns from their recess.
A US Postal Service spokesperson confirmed that, so far, they have not received any of the additional funding that they have requested.

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