COVID-19 Hustlers

                                                                 COVID-19 Hustlers
Amidst the ongoing pandemic we are facing, we have seen a HUGE rise in Black owned businesses. Not only have we been able to establish businesses during this time but also show Government Officials we matter and are self-reliant. 
Despite having limited resources in funding, information, and getting the run around from Big Corporations, Many People of Color have a strived through this and came out on top. This week on The Beautiful Black Journal, we will be featuring poppin’ ass BLACK OWNED businesses. Below you will find all social media and informational options to find the nearest Black Owned businesses in your community.
For the culture we have taken it upon ourselves to promote and praise black business in our Los Angeles Community a few of them are ( Plug Shorties, Tha Girl House, Polishedology, Tha Hair Trap, Cozi Girlz, & Patterns By Iman). All of these shops are Led By BLACK WOMEN in Los Angeles. Each of them with their unique selling points and items. These Brands are amongst the Top 10 Black Vendors we sampled to ensure a through-output. Many of these Ladies only started their business during the pandemic and have already generated a Quarters worth of sales. “ We Only Started our Store Mid May 2020 and have generated 15K” said a spokeswoman from Tha Girl House.
As most have outwardly shown appreciation for the overload in support from our community during these events that have transpired recently. We are more than elated that The Black Community has been able to come together and do what counts. Which is supporting each other in our endeavors, helping one another receive information, and being able to openly network amongst ourselves.
We would like to shine a light on each of these businesses to highlight ALL of their accomplishments and their dedication to providing something real from REAL people. We the people appreciate your effort and thoughts.
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Miya Wynn

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